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You Bring Them Everywhere

Mobile Responsive

Whether in standalone or plugin formats, Woodman Audio Tools are designed to deliver a seamless and intuitive user experience across all your mobile devices. Effortlessly create and edit your masterpieces on the go with a user interface that adapts beautifully to any screen size.

You Sync Your Creations

iCloud Synced

But that’s not all! Every user preset you craft is automatically saved to your iCloud. This means your unique sounds and settings are always at your fingertips, perfectly synchronized across all your devices. Imagine the freedom to start a project on your iPhone, refine it on your iPad, and finalize it on your Mac—without missing a beat.

Precise Control for Your Precise Ideas

Unique Features, Unique Control, MIDI v2, 3D Format Support and more

Experience the freedom to modulate most of your parameters, opening up endless possibilities for customization and creativity. The Woodman Audio Tools also support the latest in MIDI v2 and cutting-edge 3D audio formats, ensuring your projects are future-proof and at the forefront of technology.